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In Far Cry 3, Jason, a part of a group of American tourists trapped in the sadistic pirates on an island, plays. To escape, and were saved by a native tribe that can save you in the path of a warrior that can save your friends from the sadistic pirates. It is a journey of the World Open on an island and guardian is in maps of the island Far Cry 3 will climb the 18 radio stations, and covers the purposes and you get better weapons. In operation, the identity zip line back to the ground. You will meet many, many animals from the forest. Hunting and collecting plants allows you to design new products that unlock new (feature () {(«Review of the app computer Desktop side»);}); You have to do what you attack the Pirates center by being in the hands of the locals who are friendly and give you the Safe House. 3 on the music to enter the truck and hand glider to speed up your trip around the island, as well as a travel agency, so you can quickly jump to one of your 3 G is a game power with an always remember who are clandestine and shooting. Many missions and side missions, and many are even possible not to be on the side if you are on your way around the island.

The missions of collecting the best mixes fashion, Stealth and brute force, and comfort. Now you have many tools and open procedures: hidden pistols and Rambo-like explosives by landmines, caged birds and arrows. On a mission, I urge Panthers to move near a large pirate camp, saw the guards and attacked them, and that’s what I have to deal with. Terrible as you stumble upon them, the seeds of betrayal and hiding and gaining vital experiences, learning new skills, discovering new power animals and dragons of Komono. Your freedom, so you improve what you know, Jason Sport Pak and SoundFar of musical Design 3 is a beautiful island that it was dark. The objects that you often interact with sparkle are easy to see.

Effective sound effects. The forests are alive with the sound of old vehicles, and you will find it relevantly baffled. The only criticism I have of the words of the pirate spirits is repeated over and over again. For more fun, but repeating the game is less than 3g sandbox for the big adventure. The island is full of things, though, and there is a lot of freedom. She shares with clandestine form and opens the world to print.

The story stems from Tisaiplei, and it is thought that a tourist lost before, but it did not take long before he began to feel at home in the forest, as a warrior against the pirates.

Take music from 3 of the game, and the beautiful and perfectyou. For a game exciting as a getaway with a very hospitable and open world of a video game.

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